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Facebook group for cardonge

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CarDongle facebook group for all as that we have it !!

@Tommy I wait to join it and make you admmin!!!

Topic starter Posted : 17/06/2021 11:31 am
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Thanks for sharing! We now have a new firmware release. Feel free to share this:

New FW version ready & Forums are working:

(Version 2.2.06, Jan 20)
Video Tutorial:

If upgrade but still can’t connect, try plugging into your PC’s USB port.

NOTE: if you can connect to CD, then there is now an OTA update (no need to use steps above). Don’t upgrade if your unit is working.


Posted : 20/01/2022 3:27 am

We are made up of a team of passionate programmers, industrial designers and Android lovers who wanted to innovate the way Android is used in modern day vehicles.

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