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Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video - Black screen, audio only

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I've been using my CD on my Volkswagen Tiguan. I got it all set up using Mirroid and did the OTA firmware update. Everything works when tested on Mirroid both when hotspotting off my phone or connecting to my home wifi. However, when I get into the car Disney Plus and Amazon Prime video both show a black screen but still play audio. Subs show as well. I tried several different Disney Plus APKs going back 2 versions too but nothing makes a difference. Annoyingly when I plug the CD back into Mirroid the picture comes up. It's just in the car that it doesn't seem to work. Can anyone help?

Posted : 10/03/2021 3:22 pm
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There is already a section on this issue (relating to Amazon Prime video).


Posted : 10/03/2021 3:54 pm

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