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GPS fix for V1.0 Users

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What is the plan for fixing the GPS issue for V1.0 users? Are you just going to ignore us or do you have any idea to send us a free replacement?

Srikanth (from India).

Topic starter Posted : 17/05/2021 11:19 am
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In the indiegogo update we received a few days ago, they said that if we received a V1.0 unit and would like to swap it out for a V1.5, we could so that by emailing I emailed them, and received this reply this morning:

"Hello, thanks for confirming that you'd like to swap your V1.0 CarDongle for
the V1.5 version which will be ready end of July. We received quite a few swap requests so we are currently processing those. We'll send instructions on how to swap once we get to your position in the queue. Thanks for your patience and support!"

Hopefully that means that @admin is finally ready to take care of us early adopters and make things right... we'll see I guess!

Posted : 18/05/2021 7:10 pm
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i am in same poison waiting to know how long before they can send as i can still use unit ut with no gps hey will not tell me if i send back now when they will send replacement

Posted : 17/06/2021 3:20 am

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