suddenly MY cardong...
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suddenly MY cardongle doesn’t work

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Hello I have a problem suddenly MY cardongle doesn’t work i do all update again not working i connect to pc the lights is blue with in 2 minute change to orange Any help ?

Posted : 21/10/2021 12:21 am
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How long was it working for? Did you install any apps recently?

Please try connecting to your PC using Mirroid app.

You should be able to reset the settings once connected to PC.


Posted : 23/10/2021 2:44 am
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I am having the same exact issue! i cant get it to connect to mirroid app and the CD starts flashing orange. Is there a way to flash a new program on it?

Posted : 02/11/2021 8:34 pm
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Same here. The device will ONLY connect as an MTP device. It will not connect to a head unit (simulated or actual Car) at all. There is an orange light that is flashing. This was one from the original Indie Gogo release.

Posted : 11/11/2021 2:43 pm
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there will be a new firmware release this Friday.

Posted : 15/11/2021 1:37 am

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