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Updated Amazon app not showing videos

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@cardongle_enthusiast I'm not sure the whole decompiling/recompiling thing is correct. If the apk weren't able to function then it wouldn't work on Mirroid. But it does. I can use Disney+ and Amazon Prime just fine on Mirroid so clearly the CD is capable of decoding video from these sources. It's just when it's in the car that the CD falls down.

@Tommy Sorry for the late responses. Are the dev team able to replicate the issue? Do you need any further info?

Posted : 23/03/2021 9:45 am
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You fail to understand that mirroid is using adb over debugging protocol to simulate the screen which is utilizing elevated permissions to run video outside of Android's standard sandbox. Android Auto does not.

I know what I'm talking about as I am running my own custom screen2auto device with the flag_secure disabled.

Please reference the links in my original post for more details about flag_secure and DRM checks.

Posted : 24/03/2021 5:11 am
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Smali patcher with Flag Disable patched for screen sharing is not enough to enable DRM content on the Cardongle it seems. Will look into additional patches tomorrow.

Posted : 31/03/2021 4:36 am
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