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    So after about a week of frustration on getting the CD to connect with my vehicle, I’d final found the issue preventing it from being a true plug and play.

    My issue with the CD with my specific vehicle was that it connects great when I factory reset the CD and connect for the first time. However, it takes a nosedive and stop connecting and getting into infinite loop of restarting and failing to connect. At first, I’d thought that it was an issue with my vehicle/iPhone 12 combination, but upon further fiddling, I’d finally found a work around to this connection issue.

    After the car starts and CD initiates a boot up, the vehicle will show a message saying that the Phone’s bluetooth will need to be disconnected in order for the Android Auto to boot up. Instead of selecting “OK” or “Confirm”, you can go ahead go into your iPhone’s bluetooth setting and disconnect the connection between the phone and the vehicle (do not turn off the bluetooth). As soon as you hit the disconnect, you’ll see that CD will try and connect to the vehicle via Android Auto. However, if you leave it at this screen, the the CD will be stuck at loading and timeout by getting back into infinite loop of on/off. So once the CD is showing “connecting…”, you reconnect the iPhone’s bluetooth connection with the vehicle. Once paired successfully, the CarDongle startup screeen with pop up.

    And voila. You have a working CarDongle.

    Although I am happy to have found my work around for the time being, I hope the CD development team will find a solution to make this a TRUE plug and play device ASAP. Because at this point, not only CD is FAR from being finished nor is it a true plug and play device. Among with many issues such as GPS, connectivity, and apps update, the CD remains only just a beta product at this point. I feel that as a consumer, we at lease deserve a somewhat finished product. NOT a half baked product that uses its backers as beta testers. We are NOT your guinea pigs.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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