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    Apart from the GPS issue, CD is working as expected in my Maxima. I never had the 2nd boot problem like everyone else.

    It always boots no matter what with my configuration:
    Google Pixel 3 XL and Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G (both Android 11)
    NissanConnect Version 0810
    CD with FW 2.1.45 and 2.1.46 tested
    Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, iHeartRadio, JetAudio+ and Youtube Vanced.

    I purchased CD for the main purpose of listening to my music apps, not GPS/Nav. If you own a 2019+ Nissan, you would know what I am talking about – AA audio is a joke and unfortunately for me, they have not released a NissanConnect fix for the Maxima, although they have for other affected Nissans. CD has totally gotten rid of all the AA audio issues I was having with normal AA. With that said, 2.1.46 seems to have improved the GPS issue a bit. I will have to test it further but it is not a major issue for me as I have Nav in my car – although it would be nice to have it working properly on CD. I am not holding my breath though as this seems to be a hardware issue which software can only “band aid” so far. All in all, for my own purposes, CD was a good buy for me.

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