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    First, how my system currently works:
    When I connect Android Auto to my 2020 Ford Escape, it will load and the Sync 3 screen (with all Sync 3 apps and car settings) disappears, but I can still go back to the Sync 3 apps/car settings by clicking the “Exit” button from within Android Auto. This lets me change sound settings such as balance, EQ, look at car stats, etc. When I want to resume my Android Auto experience, I simply tap the Android Auto button within the Sync 3 menu and it pops right back up.

    My questions:
    1) When CarDroid loads on Sync 3 I presume it will load up just like Android Auto currently does, replacing my Sync 3 screen. Is there an “Exit” button to leave the CarDroid interface and go back to the base Sync 3 interface without unplugging the Cardroid?

    2) Also, will my car still show me notifications over the top of the CarDroid when it’s running (aka, wireless charger activated, tire pressure low, etc.)? It currently does this when I have Android Auto loaded and running.

    3) Finally, I saw in another forum post that the steering wheel buttons wouldn’t work any more…? Does that mean I can’t forward skip through song tracks? I can’t change the volume of music from my steering wheel? I can’t use the Google Assistant button on my steering wheel? Is it just the functions on my steering wheel that use my phone (aka phone calls) that won’t work? Or is it all steering wheel functions such as the ones to navigate the menus on my car’s infotainment too? If you could, please elaborate on what steering wheel functions will and will not be functional.

    4) Could I still have my phone connected to car’s Bluetooth for phone calls? This would require being able to “Exit” CarDroid and go back to the main Sync 3 screen as I was asking about above.

    Many thanks, it’s greatly appreciated,

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    It must have Android Auto factory installed.

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    Is it possible to pay 162 HKD and exchange it for a Early Bird OctaCore 4+64g? I have purchased CarDroid Early Bird Octa Core 2 + 16gb

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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