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    Several CD users have requested we add support for BT keyboard / mouse and Bluetooth GPS.

    We are checking to see if support can be added via the firmware.

    If it requires adjusting the PCBA / Hardware, we can only wait for v2.

    Feel free to list your other CD features wishes here!

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    Hello Tommy, quick question on your mention on “hardware changes” in a v2… if we all crowdfunded the v1 and expected it to work as intended, mainly that it had a functioning GPS antenna built in, and you decide to fix it with hardware changes, do we all get the upgraded version for free? I think that’d be the best way to handle this situation we all find ourselves in, especially those of us who currently have a nonfunctioning device (ie. bricked and not working at all).

    I am in the same boat as some of our blocked members, where what I received, and what I ordered, are two vastly different devices. I am just quietly hoping and waiting for the CarDongle team to properly fix this situation. Honestly, mirroring the GPS from our phones is just a workaround for the situation at hand, something to give to us while you work on properly fixing the hardware. The units were sold with insufficient, or down right broken, GPS hardware. CarDongle says the GPS antenna is just a basic cell phone GPS antenna, but if that was the case, then why does a cell phone sitting right beside the CarDongle have no issues?

    Please properly fix this at the hardware level, and once a v2 is ready to be released, do so for free. If there is a v3 that adds SIM support, or something beyond the GPS hardware upgrade, then at that point offer it at a cost. Perhaps offer some sort of upgrade like cell carriers do, if we return the v1/v2 device we have, offer a discount on the purchase of the v3.

    With all that said, here would be my wish list and what versions they should be released in:

    ——- v2 ——–
    – GPS hardware fix
    – Properly test GPS hardware in the real world
    – Offered for FREE to ALL current backers

    ——- v3 ———
    – Ability to use data only SIM card
    – This would allow us to use the device without the need of a cell phone
    – Offered at a COST
    – Offer some sort of buy back of their current device for discount on v3

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    Bluetooth keyboard and mouse work perfectly with current CarDongle. I’m using a different launcher (car launcher pro in play store), which exposes the bluetooth settings.

    I’ve been able to pair my OBDII as well to support torque pro.

    I have to see if I can find my old bluetooth GPS and see if it works.

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    I agree with every word @jerwam. Well said!

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    Thanks Ribby18; Hopefully something comes of it. For now the device is sitting in my desk drawer waiting for the next firmware release. If the mirroring works, that’ll be a good workaround until the GPS antenna is properly replaced at a hardware level.

    CarDongle team, even if you somehow make the cell GPS mirroring work, please do not close the book on it, that is not a proper fix. We’d still like a v2 to include a proper GPS antenna, and all other suggestions by us should be included in a v3.

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    Hi guys
    I wanted to ask, if you have thought about modifying the hardware for the next productions, it would be great to implement a few things to make the problems with this first version regressable, like a chip rom and a couple of other components.

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    @jarredduq – On the OBD/Torque… how were you able to pair the OBD? I can get BT to discover the device, but when I click on it, the bluetooth pin input window appears then disappears without a chance for me to key anything in.

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    Only one wish.
    To receive working device out of the box without any additional apps that will require some strange permissions.

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    When the firmware problems are fixed you should create a simplified tutorial without video, for the people who get the product, example: on first start what is best to do, whether to start in the car or on the computer, which update to do first and what settings activate or deactivate in the cardongle, for example how to deactivate the alerts of moving cars etc. which apps to update or add immediately, YouTube vanced or not, the download to the computer with Car Launcher Pro, in short, initial precautions especially for people less used to tinkering with programming apps so as to have a list of things to do for the proper functioning also because now with the work you are doing to fix an inexperienced person he gets confused

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    @Tommy – where are we on the decision to properly repair the GPS issue at a hardware level? Is the CarDongle team willing to do this? If so, where does that leave the current backers of the device who expected this in the v1?

    My unit is currently sitting in my desk drawer as nothing has made the GPS function properly, and that is the only reason I purchased this device. I liked the idea of the CarDongle device only needing my cell phone for the WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity, with it now needing the GPS4Dongle app (which doesn’t work) I might as well just use straight Android Auto, which I am.

    Please let us know what is coming in the next hardware revisions, and if the fixed GPS is going to be offered for free, or at a cost.

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    I have the same problem adding bluetooth devices – when it asks for the pairing pin there is a brief flash (I’m assuming it is displaying the required pin) but then it immediately disappears too quickly to read. Nor does an entry box / pin screen appear. It looks like there is a gray mask over the screen, if I enter an obviously incorrect pin on the bluetooth keyboard, it will display a pairing unsuccessful. (and the mask disappears) I’ve tried it both with Mirroroid and the car’s head unit, same result.

    If we can just get the pin to show, we should be able to add OBD connectors, keyboards, etc. which would make the cardongle even better.


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