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    Netflix keeps asking to update but then says the latest version is not supported by the version of Android installed.

    Is the cardongle running a really old version of Android and is there any prospective of it being updated to a newer version? Otherwise I fear it will soon become unsupported entirely by some commonly used apps.

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    my guess will be to try mobile version and or different apk’s, also disable updates for netflix though play store

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    This is kind of where Cardongle becomes a cat and mouse game. The way the product functions is essentially a hack for Android Auto. The latest video APKs have DRM so when you try to play video you will get a black screen with audio only and no one really has a fix for this problem yet. The Cardongle is using outdated and hacked APKs and trying to block updates and bypass DRM. The way developers are fighting back is forcing an upgrade for the app and blocking sign ins for older builds. Even if a new fix is discovered, there is no guarantee it won’t be patched and the streaming / video service force you to update again.

    Honestly, you may need to resort downloading videos to your cardongle, but even then a hand full of backers are now complaining that video playback for 15 minutes or more causes the cardongle to reboot due to overheating on Indigogo and forums. Mileage may very of course, and it could be due to the resolution and framerate of the video and environmental factors such as a hot car (unlikely this time of year).

    But that’s where we stand until the CarDongle team addresses these concerns.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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