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    So what will be the options for replacing the non GPS working V1, for the new, and hopefully working, v1.5?

    Will there be an option for choosing to have ít replaced? As it is really completely useless at the moment, and from what your have said on this forum, will never work, as the design blocks the GPS antenna.

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    To be honest I think we won’t have any option for that…
    We were some kind of experiment for a failed product, maybe it is time to move on to a better alternative, because I don’t think we won’t get any of this. Sad but true.

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    The last I read their Indiegogo page they simply told those of us asking for the v1.5 to post a swap request on the forums – which I started here – – of course as the only ones who’d want our version is someone who doesn’t care about the GPS, and someone who hasn’t received one yet… who knows if anyone would actually respond. Of course who knows if a backer that hasn’t received their device would even think to browse this forum.

    From there the CD team mentioned we’d let them (CD) know who has agreed to take our v1 device, and we’d take their (the swapees) spot in the queue waiting for the v1.5 device. Now of course there wasn’t any mention of who’d cover the cost of us shipping our v1 device to the new owner, but the CD team should handle that of course, if they will, that is another story.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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