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    Anyone been able to pair their Obd2 dongle to allow Torque app to receive a signal? I can get BT to discover the device, but when I click on it, the bluetooth pin input window appears then disappears without a chance for me to key anything in.

    Just trying to find a reason to use the device instead of Aawireless, if I could get torque working it would actually be a decent device

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    I’ve had it connect to my ODB2 to use the Carista app, but it wasn’t an easy thing to do. My device doesn’t ask for a pin, so at least it worked. It just wouldn’t show it was connected to anything outside the Carista app. If I went into the hidden settings app, not the CD settings app, and went digging for the Bluetooth area, it connected on the first screen, but as soon as I left it and went back to the Bluetooth screen, it wasn’t connected any longer.

    I think we need a near stock Android rom to go on these things, something that is rootable, and doesn’t live behind their locked launcher. When we have that, I think it’ll be easier to do the things we want to do with it. Now that we have more v1.5 devices being tested, hopefully one of them lands in the hands of an Android developer, and they figure out the magic sauce to get that done.

    For me, all I wanted it for was to stop plugging my phone into my car to use Google Maps via Android Auto, and so far the v1.5 device worked perfectly. I say worked because the v1.5 device is no longer connecting to anything, not the car or Mirroid, the v1 device I have still does its job, without a functioning GPS antenna of course.

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    Yeah I get to the BT setting (not device ones) and it finds the OBD dongle then doesn’t allow me to enter any pairing code.
    So now totally useless to me basically, was my last thought on actually using it.
    I can get torque on my AA by mirroring and the AAWireless device works superbly so will just write this off now unless someone can provide a basic Android ROM for it

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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