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    Hi all,
    we got the new upgrade as below
    OS version: 2.1.98
    SW version 1.3.31
    which resolved the android auto certificate problem.

    this upgrade seems to be instructing the head unit’s built-in Bluetooth to be disconnected as soon as CD is connected.

    The result is not being able to take/make any calls hands free (car bluetooth does not work, CD does not provide hands free functionality).

    The previous version of CD did not have this restriction, car bluetooth was still able to be used so even with CD connected, there was hands-free possibility in the car.

    Does anyone have any idea if this can be fixed and how ?


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    It seems this upgrade needs some more refinement as i get some more problems:
    – Random disconnection when connected to car. Color changes to orange and need to unplug/plug.
    – Android auto debug mode does not connect with simulator (seems something is broken).

    Hoping a new OTA can fix the above.

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    Please try upgrade your firmware by download it here:


    (Version 2.2.06, Jan 20)

    Please refer to the CarDongle upgrade method tutoriaL>


    Video Tutorial: https://youtu.be/DR7PV5HNSyw

    After upgrading, if your stereo still cannot read Cardongle, then please plug the Cardongle into your computer’s USB port until the color changes like in this video:

    The full upgrade process video is here:

    After upgrade is complete, then try re-inserting CarDongle into your car stereo.

    Hopefully, this gets your Cardongle unit working again!


    NOTE: if you can connect to CarDongle, then you should now be able to do the OTA update (no need to use steps above to upgrade). Don’t upgrade if your unit is working properly already.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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