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    So your site claims that I can “free up my phone” by using your dongle but what applications would this be good for? If we are in the car driving, why would we need our phone “free”? We are already in the car and should be “driving” and not using our phone anyways.

    I initially came across your device because I am looking to make my current Sync3 Ford Stereo go from Android Auto (needing USB) to Android Auto wirelessly. With this device, can I plug it into my Sync3 stereo and then connect this to my phone via bluetooth and have my phone project Android Auto wirelessly?

    What about data? How does it stream content from YouTube or music without having GSM/CDMA capabilities? I understand it has GPS built in but not sure what the purpose of having that is.


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    Thanks for your question…

    CarDroid doesn’t have mirroring capabilities.
    Once you enter CarDroid, then you don’t need to use your phone or app to operate it.

    CarDroid supports BT/Wifi for data transmission. Once you are connected, then there is no need to use your phone.

    We may release a SIM card version depending on how many people need this feature.

    We’ll have more details on the GPS antenna shortly.

    We hope this answers your questions!


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    Hi Tony,

    Thank you for your reply. I am sure the answers you have provided will help others with this product.

    So I would connect this device to BT on my phone and it would receive Google Maps/Waze Navigation by pulling mobile data (LTE) from my phone?

    Thanks again

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    So… I think the point of this is that it’ll let you run any app (it hijacks the android auto connection and displays a different UI).

    I’m… Iffy on this.

    If you just want Android auto to be wireless, there’s another thing for that…
    That has publicly available open source code.

    I don’t know about the whole UI replacement thing.
    Cardroid seems to be an android hdmi stick with some custom android auto hacked software that allows for using any app you install over Android auto.

    Honestly, for phone calls and internet, I expect Cardroid to be a nightmare (it’s going to operate as a Bluetooth headset – and use a built in mic on the dongle rather than the car’s built in microphone).

    While I can see the appeal of turning on the car and having android auto come on automatically (I. E. Use an android stick that’s always in the car and connected), the implementation seemed like a nightmare.
    Yes, your phone CAN share internet over Bluetooth or wifi – but it will be using your Hotspot feature (data plans and speeds may not match your phone’s data), and will need manually setup each time you get into the car.

    The other product – AAWireless – will still need a Hotspot connection, but will just give you android auto wirelessly – using the car mic, and the regular Android auto interface as if your phone was plugged in.

    Unless you NEED open app access (I. E. YouTube while you’re driving), and don’t like Android auto as it is…
    You don’t need Cardroid.

    I’m also iffy on how possible this is. Something needs to run on Android (your phone) that disables the native Android auto app, and hijacks it’s api to the car.
    I haven’t heard of anyone doing this. And if it IS possible – I don’t see any benefit (besides the “always connected” feature) to having a separate device to run the hacked Android auto on the device side.
    If such an app exists, I’d want to try it on my phone before buying a specific hacked android auto ONLY device (on Android that’s 2 versions behind).

    But that’s what this appears to be… Hardware with a custom hacked Android auto app pre-installed.

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    Also – if Cardroid does work as it says, you’ll lose android auto.
    You’ll be able to open any native Android app, but as if it was open on a tablet (your touch screen being the tablet).
    You’ll lose out on the “in-car optimization” of the Android auto interface (unless the hacked work around allows the regular Android auto app to operate in “phone only” mode. That seems unlikely though, as it would try to hijack the hacked interface for itself).

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    CarDroid has a built-in antenna. You can use Google maps installed on CarDroid to navigate. You only need to use your phone as a hotspot. Hope this answers your questions!

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    So built in GPS.
    But for Google maps…
    Is it the android auto ui, or the tablet phone ui?

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    Hi. As Bluetooth technology further destroys audio/music fidelity (which has already been compromised sonically for streaming purposes), I prefer using AA via USB on my 2017 Accord head-unit to avoid BlueTooth completely. I suspect the only hope CarDroid to be of any benefit for the way I use AA, it would have to use a SIM card and subsequently be capable of being added on our home cell data plan with a separate cell # (like OnStar, but without having to pay through the nose to OnStar reselling cell data time…nor having to deal with, well, OnStar).

    But, as AA has never worked correctly in a consistent fashion on my Samsung S9, I’m hopeful that CarDroid evolves into more of car computer host device and overcomes the near-constant breaks between Android, the car mfg’s head units, and Google Assistant every time one those groups pushes an update?


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