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    For users not having Mirroid detect it – make sure it’s USB 2.0. My laptop would not see it unless it was plugged into the 2.0 port. Also, did have an issue with my desktop not seeing it, but I plugged it into a USB hub and it came up just fine. Seems that it’s a bit picky on the US port it’s plugged into.

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    Yeah I’ve tried the 2.0 ports too. No luck.

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    Try plugging the CD in via an OTG cable. Mirroid won’t work for me without one.

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    This issue just happened to me. I used it several times after the initial set up even unplugged it and plugged it back in. The only thing I did was sign into play store and redownload Waze trying to troubleshoot GPS. After I turned off my car and turned it on the next day it stopped detecting.

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    Right now the CD is working even after multiple starts on the machine.

    I was also able to connect the CD to MirroID without any major problems. USB 2.0 must be connected, otherwise it is not recognised.

    I’ve also tried to get Bluetooth tethering started. The problem for me now is as follows: Initially in the settings of the phone in bluetooth sharing was impossible to set “Internet Access”. Only “Multimedia audio” and “Contacts sharing” were possible.

    From the internal CD settings (the ones hidden in the system) I enabled “Tethering Sharing”. I was then able to enable “Internet access” from the phone. From then on, the light on CD has turned orange but it is still recognised by MirroID.

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    We should have an update on Friday (fingers crossed).

    We will have firmware changelog hopefully tomorrow.

    We are still testing the update internally.


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    I finally got mirroid to work by using a usb hub on my pc. Once I got it up Only thing I did was change my playstore account to a personal one instead of my business one and seems to be working fine now.

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    How are we supposed to receive Ota update if it’s not booting up? Not detecting in car not detecting with mirroid on pc with usb 2.0 and usb otg cable. Just goes from blue to orange then nothing.

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    Managed to connect my CD to PC via Mirroid and updated apps via Playstore and now it connects fine in my car. No satellites as per others but glad to say I installed Spotify and working perfectly and also supports split screen which is fantastic!
    Hopefully an update soon to sort out the sattelites

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    Surely you can give us a way to hard reset in the meantime Tommy?

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 40 total)
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